RAVENNA, JUNE 16-19 2022

100Cellos continue to celebrate their 10 years of life with a new reunion in Ravenna! After the unforgettable week of peaceful occupation of the city of Ravenna in 2016, Giovanni Sollima and Enrico Melozzi return to the city of the cello with a series of extraordinary events. Concerts for peace and global disarmament in the cloisters, a musical marathon at the Alighieri Theater called "Concerto Fiume! How sad is prudence!", Commemorative concert of the occupation of the Valle Occupato theater, probably one of the most important cultural experiences in Italy from the postwar period to today. And again, flash-mobs on the streets of the city and a final concert, a great tribute to progressive music, with the extraordinary participation of Premiata Forneria Marconi.
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“A visionary musical project created by Giovanni Sollima and Enrico Melozzi, born in the Teatro Valle in Rome and now spreading around the world”

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