At this link: https://forms.gle/w7bKc8HXe6y2bbSY6

You will need:
- Passport, with a deadline of not less than six months from the conclusion of the event.
- The Release Form, downloadable here link. Print, sign, convert in PDF and attach to the form where it is requested.

Later you have to send:
- Copy of the travel tickets
- Copy of the travel insurance.
You can use this form:
Or send them to "100celli@gmail.com"
If you don't have a passport yet, ask for it immediately, as in some cities it may take some time to get it.

Registrations will be effectively considered upon receipt of the ticket, in order of arrival. So you can also get tickets right away (the sooner they are done the better, then the prices increase). When you do them, send a copy of the tickets to the email "100celli@gmail.com" and your registration will be insured and blocked.

In the meantime, you can register by inserting an identity document instead of a passport. When you physically have your passport you can update the form or send it via email.
Yes. Minors can participate only if accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Air travel, with your cello, will be at your expense. In Dubai you will have board and lodging guaranteed by the organization for the duration of your stay.

If you have never traveled by plane with the cello, know that you will need to book an EXTRA SEAT with your ticket. Basically you buy a double ticket to be able to carry the cello on the seat next to yours. It is absolutely not recommended to carry the cello as baggage in the hold because the chances of it being damaged are very high.

Outward journey :
You must arrive in Dubai by the evening of March 21 , there you will find a place in a hotel that will be communicated to you later by email. Transfers between the airport and the hotel will also be at your expense; from Dubai airport you can travel easily by metro or taxi (which are very practical and cheap).

Return trip :
We leave Dubai on 27 March . Here, too, you will have to travel independently to the airport.
The extra seat is in effect a second ticket. You must therefore book as if you were two people; the first will be in your name, the second person (or your cello) will be called


When boarding, when the gate opens, make your reservation known (most likely they will already be aware of the situation), and follow their instructions. When boarding, the cello must always "sit" on the window side for safety reasons, and must be secured with the seat belt. So ask the cabin crew for a belt extension that will allow you to lock the instrument easily.
It is mandatory to have a travel health insurance , to cover any health costs.
It is possible to do it at any insurance company by communicating the destination and the dates concerned, the costs are generally quite low . In some cases, insurance can be purchased through the airline at the time of ticket purchase. Ask the airline of your choice.

A copy of the insurance, together with the travel tickets must be sent using this form:
Or send them to the email "100celli@gmail.com"
1) It is mandatory to have a complete vaccination.
2) You must bring the vaccination certificate written in English, preferably printed on paper.
3) The day before departure, a molecular covid-test of the RT-PCR type (Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction) must be made. This must also be printed in English, specifically for international travel.

More detailed information can be found on this site:
href = https: //www.emirates.com/english/help/covid -19 / dubai-travel-requirements / tourists /